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Make Sure You Get Our Tasty Treats Delivered in Time for Holiday Gifting!

artisan foods from Hawaii

If you’re planning to send Hawaii’s Local Buzz artisan foods from Hawaii to your loved ones this holiday season, make sure you order soon. We want to make sure everyone receives their orders in time for the holidays. Holiday Shipping Deadlines To ensure your order is delivered by the US Postal Service Priority Mail by […]

Enjoy the Gift of Free Shipping to APO Addresses and a Personalized Note Card With Your Order

artisan foods Hawaii

This holiday season, Hawaii’s Local Buzz is mindful that our men and women in uniform who are serving overseas are often not able to spend the holidays with their friends and family. We wanted to provide those of you with loved ones serving overseas an affordable way to give them the gift of aloha. For that […]

Our Black Friday Special is Running Through December While Supplies Last

When you have guests over to visit this holiday season, serve them piping hot cups of Peaberry coffee. Their taste buds will delight in this rare treat, and your party will be an instant hit. From now until the end of December, Hawaii’s Local Buzz is offering a special on Peaberry beans. Make sure you […]

3 Interesting Ways to Brew Your Coffee

Instead of plugging in your standard drip coffee maker, why not try one of these more interesting ways of brewing coffee? Each brewing method results in a different finished product, accentuating different nuances in the coffee. Here’s a look at three methods to try with our Hawaiian Ka’u coffee. Aeropress This is a super-quick coffee […]

Make Your Own Rich Coffee Liqueur Full of Complicated Flavor

Hawaiian coffee

Coffee liqueur allows you to enjoy the bold taste of coffee in a way that rivals your warm morning cup. By making your own coffee liqueur with Hawaiian Ka’u coffee, you can ensure that your beverage is incredibly flavorful. Follow these instructions to cold-brew your own coffee liqueur: Choose your alcohol. To make a smooth, […]

You Can Make Amazing French Press Coffee With These Tips

Hawaiian coffee

Waking up in the morning is not so tough when you get to start the day with the perfect cup of our Hawaiian Ka’u coffee. If you are interested in brewing your coffee using a method a bit different from the norm, you may want to try using a French Press. Here are some tips to […]

For the Best Coffee, Make Sure You Store It Properly

Hawaiian Ku'a coffee

There’s nothing as soothing as a great cup of coffee in the morning. One of the secrets to the freshest, most flavorful brew is not only choosing the best beans, but storing them carefully. Even the highest quality coffee, including our Hawaiian Ka’u coffee, will not taste its best if you don’t make the effort […]

Lava is Threatening the Puna District

Lava is threatening the Puna district

If you have been following the news, you may have heard about the lava flow from Kilauea that is threatening the Puna district and Pahoa town on the Big Island of Hawaii. Those who have visited the Big Island in the past few years may know that, until recently, the active lava flow that is […]

Delight Your Tastebuds by Adding Coffee to Common Foods

recipes using coffee

If you’re a true coffee lover, one cup in the morning is just not enough! Adding coffee to some of your favorite foods is a great way to enjoy its delicious flavor throughout the day and to ensure that you don’t waste a single drop. There is a secret to using leftover coffee — never leave […]

Get Your Caffeine Fix in Style With a Home Coffee Bar

special coffee bars

Today’s coffee drinkers are specific about the types of beans they use (we recommend Hawaiian Ka’u coffee), how the beans are ground and they know their favorite roasts. For many, coffee drinking is becoming something of an art, and some are taking it a step further by turning it into a part of a luxurious […]