Paradise Meadows Menagerie

As 2022 comes to an end, we thought it would be a good time to post an updated look at the many wonderful non-human beings that inhabit our little piece of paradise here on the southern tip of the Big Island of Hawaii.

In no particular order:

Here’s Penny, our now HUGE one year old piggie mascot:

Penny just showed up at the farm a year ago, when she was a teeny tiny baby pig. Now she’s about 300 lbs. and still growing!

Next we have our parrot population:

Buddy, our 30 year old Greenwing macaw and Lani, our Moluccan cockatoo (age unknown)
Jericho, our 23 year old Blue & Gold Macaw
Doc, our 22 year old Congo African Grey

Next we have Pico, our 15 year old indoor cat:

Pico, age 15

And a few of the barn cats that took up residence here, eating the food we provide instead of eating mice and rats. Apparently they don’t like to work for a living. The two gray tigers are less than a year old, and we have no idea where that tiny black & white kitten came from:

Fluffy, Fluff-Mommy, and little Cookie, all under a year old

Our Muscovy Ducks and Guinea Fowl, eating their breakfast. That big black “duck” in the middle is, of course, Penny who seems to think she’s just one of the flock:

Penny the pig, Muscovy ducks and Guinea fowl dining at their breakfast buffet

And finally our “farm mammals” Shirley the Sheep, Matilda the Goat, and Kai, our gelding. Shirley and Matilda are both at least 10 years old, and Kai is about 16 years old:

Shirley the St. Croix sheep on the left and Matilda, the miniature goat, on the right
Kai, our 16 year old gelding

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou to one and all.

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