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What Goes Around Comes Around: Reusing Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

reusing coffee grounds

Ever thought, “Boy, dumping these coffee grounds in the trash bin (or garbage disposal) sure seems like a waste”? Well, you’re right; it is a waste. Coffee grounds can be recycled right into your yard or container gardens to help improve your soil content, which also improves plant health. Keep your gourmet Hawaiian Ka’u coffee drinking habits […]

Understanding the Fair Trade Label

US coffee companies that adhere to fair trade

In the world of specialty or gourmet foods, there are certain buzzwords you run into all the time – like organic, sustainable, non-GMO and Fair Trade. The Fair Trade label might be the least understood of these four, but it’s an important one to learn. What does the Fair Trade Label Mean? The Fair Trade label is […]

Drink Your Coffee Like a World Traveler

coffee from around the world

What’s your coffee style? If you’re American, you probably drink about 3.5 cups per day and, if you’re feeling fancy, you might opt for a Cafe Breve. If you’re particular tired, you might order a double shot of espresso. On the other side of the world, Italians are requesting Antoccinos while in Hong Kong baristas […]

Sweeten Graduation With the Gift of Chocolate

chocolate covered coffee bean crunch

Sir Edward Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance” is the soundtrack for the next month or so. Students from high schools, colleges and universities will excitedly don caps and gowns as they head in single file across pre-set stages to receive their hard-earned diplomas. It’s an exciting time as they start the next chapter of their lives. […]

Why Salt and Chocolate is Such an Addictive Combination

chocolate covered macadamia nuts

Have you ever wondered why our chocolate covered macadamia nuts are so darn addictive? Don’t feel guilty; just tell everyone that it’s elementary science! While we may lack an official term for the scrumptious flavor created by the combination of sweet and salty on the palate, there is actually a physiological explanation for why it’s […]