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Enjoy a Flavorful Celebration at Your Next Tailgating

artisan foods Hawaii

At your next game day party, break away from the traditional tailgating snacks and incorporate some artisan foods from Hawaii. Macadamia nuts are deliciously rich, with a soothing flavor and crunch that will excite your taste buds and impress your guests. Here are a few ideas for making our Hawaiian treats a part of your […]

What a Rusty Building and a Land Full of Weeds Taught Us About Possibility

finding beauty in the rough

If you come visit Paradise Meadows, home of Hawaii’s Local Buzz, you’ll see a property that is organized, well-maintained and sustainably farmed. It has a home, fenced fields, beautiful orchards, and a range of sustainable agricultural projects including organic gardens and an Aquaponic greenhouse. It has just the right blend of “civilization” and the wild, […]

Get Your Caffeine Fix in Style With a Home Coffee Bar

special coffee bars

Today’s coffee drinkers are specific about the types of beans they use (we recommend Hawaiian Ka’u coffee), how the beans are ground and they know their favorite roasts. For many, coffee drinking is becoming something of an art, and some are taking it a step further by turning it into a part of a luxurious […]

Our Secret Recipe for Life Changing Honey Banana Nut Bread

best banana bread recipes

What do you do with those bananas you didn’t eat before they started to turn brown? You make banana bread! We have a delicious spin on a traditional banana bread featuring our Hawaii’s Local Buzz all-natural Hawaiian honey and our delicious sweet & salty flavors of macadamia nuts. Here’s the basic recipe: Ingredients: ⅓ cup […]

Grill the Perfect Summer Kebabs With Honey

great summer grilling recipes

Have you had your dose of honey today? Honey is delicious, versatile and good for you. So long as it’s properly stored, it stays good for years, making it easy to stock up on a variety of different honey types (made with the nectar of different flowers).  If you’re a honey-hoarder like us, it’s always […]

Send Your College Student to School With Delicious Mac Nuts

healthy college care package treats

Sending kids off to college is a blessing and a curse. While we celebrate their independence, it’s a wide world out there and we are painfully aware of our lack of control. All you can do is arm them with love and support along with a few supplies to keep them healthy along the way. […]