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What a Rusty Building and a Land Full of Weeds Taught Us About Possibility

finding beauty in the rough

If you come visit Paradise Meadows, home of Hawaii’s Local Buzz, you’ll see a property that is organized, well-maintained and sustainably farmed. It has a home, fenced fields, beautiful orchards, and a range of sustainable agricultural projects including organic gardens and an Aquaponic greenhouse. It has just the right blend of “civilization” and the wild, […]

Step Out of Your Head and Into Action

how to seize the day

Scott, the “Big Kahuna” at Paradise Meadows, home of Hawaii’s Local Buzz, is the visionary that has enabled all of us here to live lives that others only dream about. In talking about how he got to where he is today, he had some interesting things to say about taking action. “What I’ve done most […]

Live an Adventure Every Day

achieving the dream life

Have you ever heard the expression, “Leap and the net will appear”? That pretty much sums up the story of Hawaii’s Local Buzz, in a very small macadamia nut shell. When people visit Paradise Meadows Orchard & Bee Farm, home to Hawaii’s Local Buzz, the question they most often ask us is “how did you […]