Live an Adventure Every Day

Have you ever heard the expression, “Leap and the net will appear”? That pretty much sums up the story of Hawaii’s Local Buzz, in a very small macadamia nut shell. When people visit Paradise Meadows Orchard & Bee Farm, home to Hawaii’s Local Buzz, the question they most often ask us is “how did you get so lucky? You’re living my/our dream life.”

achieving the dream life

Living the Farm Life

What could be dreamier than making a living growing, harvesting, and creating delicious, high-quality coffee, macadamia nuts, honey, and chocolate, while living in one of the most beautiful places on the planet? No wonder everyone wants to know our secret recipe. However, there really is no secret recipe. You just need to ask the Universe for what you want, look for the clues it gives you, then take action. It takes a dream, commitment, hard work, and a leap of faith – the rest of the process is whatever you choose to make it.

How to Live the Life of Your Dreams

Our story began with a happy accident.  Looking for more land for our family in 2004, we found a beautiful spot on the Big Island.  We were attracted to the 75 acres and to the electricity and water that were already hooked up to the living structure on the property, but the property had been badly neglected, and it wasn’t until we began to clean up the land that we discovered that what we’d purchased was actually a farm, complete with fruit trees, coffee trees, and the adventurous life

We knew absolutely nothing about beekeeping, farming, coffee roasting or any of the products that have become our livelihood. We learned through trial & error, and were never held back by the fear of failure. We used our life experiences and our adaptability, sourcing information from the Internet, books, journals and the helpful advice of other experienced farmers and beekeepers to learn what we needed to as we went.

Fast-forward ten years later and we have a thriving farm, bees, and business that ships gourmet, artisan food products all over the world.

It doesn’t take years of preparation, hunting down mentors, or worrying about the “right time” to pursue a life you love.  It doesn’t even take a happy discovery like the one we made after purchasing the land.  You just need to take the risk and trust yourself to learn what you need to know as you need to know it.  It takes a lot of hard work and it can be a scary adventure, but it’s worth every moment to wake up every day in the place you want to be, doing the work you love.

If you’re wondering how to live the life of your dreams, we encourage you to ask yourself, “What would I do with my life if I knew I couldn’t fail?” Then, begin taking the steps to start living that dream. It can be done and Hawaii’s Local Buzz is the proof.

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  1. Judy

    I remember 2004…thought you were nuts! Look at you now. Wow. Love to all of you from 2500 miles south on Kwajalein.


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