Sweet and Smoky Mac Nuts: The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Why is it that dads are so hard to buy presents for? If your dad is one of the many who are silent about what they want and seem to have everything they need, Hawaii’s Local Buzz has the perfect solution: Sweet and Smoky macadamia nuts. These are the gift you can’t stop eating, so you make sure to buy a few different flavors to make sure your dad can get his fill.Sweet and Smoky Macadamia Nuts

Our Sweet and Smoky Mac Nuts smell like BBQ in a bag, and they taste absolutely incredible. The macadamia nuts are seasoned with brown sugar and smoked sea salt, providing that perfect balance of sweet and salty flavor that none of us can resist. If Dad’s not a barbecue fan, we also have more than half a dozen other delicious macadamia nut flavors, including:

If your dad has more of a sweet tooth, no problem. We also carry a range of sweeter flavors including Vanilla Crunch, Caramel Crunch, and Cinnamon Bun Crunch.

One of the things that sets our macadamia nuts apart is that we dehydrate, rather than roast our nuts. The dehydration process results in a nut that tastes as close as possible to the fresh nut right out of the shell. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of extra crunch since the traditional roasting process makes for a softer, less crunchy final product.

In addition to our macadamia nuts, we also offer delicious gourmet Hawaii coffee, honey and chocolates. Visit Hawaii’s Local Buzz to order yours. We wish you and your family a very happy Father’s Day!

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