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How the Macadamia Nut Helps Hawaii

Macadamia nuts are delicious and nutritious, but did you know that they’re good for Hawaiian agriculture, too? Macadamia nut sales are increasing, and this increase in sales has been beneficial for the local Hawaiian economy. Macadamia nut trees are native to Australia, and they were brought to Hawaii in 1881. At that time, they mainly served […]

5 Things You Might Not Know About Living in Hawaii

living in Hawaii

At Paradise Meadows Orchard & Bee Farm in Hawaii, home of Hawaii’s Local Buzz, we love the way the volcanic soils and fresh mountain air allow us to grow decadent Hawaiian treats, such as our macadamia nuts and our award-winning Ka’u coffee. Surely, the Big Island is known for its agriculture, but did you know these five other interesting […]

Tropical Shortbread Cookies Have Arrived!

  For much of the past year, we’ve been working on and perfecting a recipe for cookies that meets our exacting standards. Our Mission Statement says that we are committed to making products that are so good that, from the very first taste, you regret that you’ll ever have to stop. Each treat we produce should […]

3 Honey Recipes to Enjoy During the Big Game

food ideas for the super bowl

The sad news is that football season is drawing to a close, but the good news is that the biggest game of the year is just around the corner! Indulge your friends’ taste buds during the Big Game by preparing some delicious eats with raw honey from Hawaii. Here’s a look at three recipes that […]

Don’t Feel Guilty About Indulging in that Extra Cup or Two of Coffee; It Might Help Prevent Diabetes

Here’s a piece of good news that will make coffee lovers everywhere smile: drinking coffee in moderation may actually reduce your risk of diabetes. That’s right — you no longer have to feel bad for refilling your morning cup. A recent study published by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) concluded that those who drink […]

Teas Pair Perfectly With Chocolate Treats

pairing chocolate with tea

  It’s hard to improve on our chocolate treats from Hawaii, but enjoying them with a cup of tea makes them even more scrumptious. Tea and chocolate pair perfectly together. The crisp, clean flavor of tea is the perfect complement to smooth, rich chocolate. For the most enjoyable experience, here are a few pairing suggestions […]

Indulge in Your Health by Eating Heart-Healthy Mac Nuts

healthy snacking alternatives

Have you given your New Year’s resolutions a thought yet? Resolutions to live a healthier life are common, and with good reason, but sticking to vague resolutions to “eat better” and “exercise more” can be difficult after a few weeks.  Cutting foods from your diet can also be a difficult resolution to stick to for […]

Want a Little Extra Indulgence in Your Morning Cup This Winter? Add Some Winter Spice to Your Coffee

things to add to coffee

On chilly winter days, curling up with a warm mug of coffee is a great way to relax and soothe your soul. Hawaiian Ka’u coffee from Hawaii’s Local Buzz is a delicious indulgence on its own. Grown in volcanic soils and clean mountain air, it features subtle flavors you won’t find in lower-grade coffees. Purists […]

The Complicated Challenges of Creating Quality Chocolate

chocolate from Hawaii

For chocolate lovers, there is nothing more indulgent than biting into a mouth-watering piece of high-quality chocolate. The rich layers of flavor and the smooth, creamy texture are simply luxurious. What most chocolate lovers don’t realize is how difficult it is to produce truly high-quality chocolate. From the time the Cacao seeds are planted to the time […]