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Now is the Perfect Time to Visit Us on the Big Island

While airline prices to most destinations have been creeping up, the opposite is true for Hawaii. In fact, the average airfare from the mainland right now is less than $800. Of course, with lower prices, the number of visitors each year is soaring. The Big Island, however, is still relatively undiscovered. While Oahu received 5.2 […]

One Woman’s Tantrum Sparks a Macadamia Nut Craze

macadamia nuts

When most people think of macadamia nuts, they imagine the crunchy goodness and creamy flavors of these delicious Hawaiian treats. Who would ever suspect that an innocent little nut could cause drama and temper tantrums? Strangely, that’s exactly what happened on a recent Korean Air Lines flight. The event has sparked a macadamia nut craze […]

How the Macadamia Nut Helps Hawaii

Macadamia nuts are¬†delicious and nutritious, but did you know that they’re good for Hawaiian agriculture, too? Macadamia nut sales are increasing, and this increase in sales has been beneficial for the local Hawaiian economy. Macadamia nut trees are native to Australia, and they were brought to Hawaii in 1881. At that time, they mainly served […]

Indulge in Your Health by Eating Heart-Healthy Mac Nuts

healthy snacking alternatives

Have you given your New Year’s resolutions a thought yet? Resolutions to live a healthier life are common, and with good reason, but sticking to vague resolutions to “eat better” and “exercise more” can be difficult after a few weeks. ¬†Cutting foods from your diet can also be a difficult resolution to stick to for […]

Make Sure You Get Our Tasty Treats Delivered in Time for Holiday Gifting!

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If you’re planning to send Hawaii’s Local Buzz artisan foods from Hawaii to your loved ones this holiday season, make sure you order soon. We want to make sure everyone receives their orders in time for the holidays. Holiday Shipping Deadlines To ensure your order is delivered by the US Postal Service Priority Mail by […]

Add This Pear Cream Cheese Bar With a Macadamia Nut Crust to Your Thanksgiving Cooking Plans

Instead of sticking to the classic pumpkin pie this year, why not make a unique and truly scrumptious dessert for your Thanksgiving celebration? This Pear Cream Cheese Bar, made with crunchy and delicious mac nuts in the crust, will have your mouth watering all day. You’ll practically moan when you finally get to bite into […]

This Perfectly Indulgent Coffee and Macadamia Nut Meringue Will Blow Your Taste Buds Away

The next time you have guests over to visit, or simply feel like indulging your own cravings, make this drool-worthy macadamia nut recipe. The chewy meringue combines with crunchy nuts and sweet caramel to leave your mouth in awe after every bite. Use high-quality coffee and macadamia nuts from Hawaii’s Local Buzz to create this […]

Different Mac Nut Flavors to Match With Your Favorite Teas

macadamia nuts

Teas boast an exciting array of flavors, and they’re even more enjoyable when you pair them with the right foods — like our crunchy and delicious mac nuts, for example. Try these yummy tea and macadamia nut pairings for a snack that truly delights your taste buds, or serve them to your guests to make […]

Throw an Elegant Halloween Party for Adults With Delicious Treats From Hawaii

Halloween does not have to be just about the kids. With a little planning, you can throw a stellar Halloween party for adults. Here are some festive ideas to get your planning off to the right start. Decorations Instead of going with the classic orange and black, shake things up with something more sophisticated. A […]

Welcome Fall With a Delicious Macadamia Nut Tart

recipes with Macadamia nuts

The sweetness and crunch of macadamia nuts, paired with their subtle creaminess, makes them a perfect ingredient for luscious baked goods. This drool-worthy macadamia nut recipe, for instance, will impress guests at your next party — expect them to ask for seconds! You’ll need: 1 cup flour 2 1/2 sticks butter, cut into cubes 3 […]