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Celebrate Summer With Refreshing Mac Nut Ice Cream

When the temperature soars, few things are as refreshing as a big bowl of homemade ice cream. Made with crunchy and delicious macadamia nuts, this ice cream recipe creates a treat is sure to have you asking for seconds! Ingredients: 2 cups heavy whipping cream 1 cup whole milk 1/2 cup sugar 6 egg yolks […]

Get a Taste of Hawaii With Pineapple Macadamia Nut Bread

artisan foods from Hawaii

When you think of Hawaii, what flavors come to mind? Most people will include pineapple and macadamia nuts in their answers. This delicious recipe creates a pineapple macadamia nut bread that combines these two ingredients perfectly. You’ll love how the sweetness from the pineapple complements the crunchy and delicious mac nuts. Ingredients: 2 c. flour […]

Add This Pear Cream Cheese Bar With a Macadamia Nut Crust to Your Thanksgiving Cooking Plans

Instead of sticking to the classic pumpkin pie this year, why not make a unique and truly scrumptious dessert for your Thanksgiving celebration? This Pear Cream Cheese Bar, made with crunchy and delicious mac nuts in the crust, will have your mouth watering all day. You’ll practically moan when you finally get to bite into […]

This Perfectly Indulgent Coffee and Macadamia Nut Meringue Will Blow Your Taste Buds Away

The next time you have guests over to visit, or simply feel like indulging your own cravings, make this drool-worthy macadamia nut recipe. The chewy meringue combines with crunchy nuts and sweet caramel to leave your mouth in awe after every bite. Use high-quality coffee and macadamia nuts from Hawaii’s Local Buzz to create this […]

Experience White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies as You Never Have Before

amazing macadamia nut cookie recipes

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie. Aaaaaah. Say it with us: “White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie.” Doesn’t that sound good? Now how about a White Chocolate Cinnamon Bun Crunch Macadamia Nut Cookie? We know it’s a mouthful – but what a mouthful! Our White Chocolate Cinnamon Bun Crunch macadamia nuts are a perfectly paired combination of […]

Delicious Fall Foods That Are Even Better With Macadamia Nuts

Hawaiian macadamia nuts

Fall is here, and with it comes many of your favorite comfort foods. This year, while you’re working in the kitchen, consider adding crunchy and delicious mac nuts to some of your favorite fall foods. They add an extra layer of flavor, and their crunchy, creamy goodness is exactly what you crave when the days […]

Our Secret Recipe for Life Changing Honey Banana Nut Bread

best banana bread recipes

What do you do with those bananas you didn’t eat before they started to turn brown? You make banana bread! We have a delicious spin on a traditional banana bread featuring our Hawaii’s Local Buzz all-natural Hawaiian honey and our delicious sweet & salty flavors of macadamia nuts. Here’s the basic recipe: Ingredients: ⅓ cup […]