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From Bean to Treat: Fun Chocolate Trivia

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This creamy, satisfying indulgence seems to be almost everyone’s favorite treat. The fact that chocolate comes in so many varieties, from white to dark, makes it even easier to love. Here are a few intriguing facts you probably never knew about chocolate. Cacao trees are extremely long-lived. Many live for up […]

Dark Roast Coffee is Best for Sensitive Stomachs

coffee from Hawaii

Do you love the flavor of coffee, but find that it irritates your stomach or causes indigestion? These symptoms are caused by coffee’s acidic qualities, but not all coffees are high in acid or cause your stomach to secrete excess acid. If you experience an upset stomach after drinking coffee, all you need to do […]

How a Bee Gets Crowned Queen

At Hawaii’s Local Buzz, our raw honey from Hawaii comes straight from the hives we maintain, most of which are on our own family-owned farm. Bee hives are living, thriving communities with a social structure all their own. Most of the bees in the hive are female worker bees who spend their time caring for […]

Beyond the Beaches: Learning New Things on Your Hawaiian Vacation

lesser known Hawaiian destinations

Many people come to Hawaii to relax on the beautiful beaches, but there are so many other things to see and learn in Hawaii. Venture beyond the beach, and you’ll gain a true appreciation of everything these beautiful islands have to offer. Hawaii has a unique and intriguing history, and there are several museums where you […]

This Easter, Treat Your Family to a Decadent Honey and Rye Glazed Ham

unique recipes that use honey

Easter is just around the corner. Have you started planning your family meal yet? If you’re one of the many families who traditionally enjoy ham on Easter, we have an exciting way to put a new twist on this old standby: add honey! Honey is a delightful way to add a little spring sweetness to the […]

Feel Free to Indulge During American Chocolate Week

Attention all chocolate lovers! Did you know there is a whole week dedicated to celebrating your favorite treat? March 15 – 21 is American Chocolate Week. If you’ve ever needed an extra excuse to indulge in your favorite chocolate goodies from Hawaii’s Local Buzz, this is it. High-quality chocolate is smooth, flavorful and utterly satisfying. […]

Sweeten Up Your Baked Goods With This Incredibly Simple Honey Butter

recipes that use honey

It’s pretty hard to improve on our raw honey from Hawaii, but a delicious way to enjoy it regularly is to whip up a batch of honey butter. This delicious spread can be kept in your cupboard and spread on your favorite baked goods for a tasty breakfast, snack or even lunch. Honey butter is […]

Help the Gabriel Foundation Rescue Companion Parrots

Hawaii's Local Buzz

When we welcome visitors to Paradise Meadows Orchard & Bee Farm, the home of Hawaii’s Local Buzz, one of the things they always enjoy is meeting our parrots. Our farm is home to six companion parrots, five of whom we have adopted as rescues. Each has its own personality and is very much a part of our family. […]