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Were Candy Hearts Disappointing This Year? Treat Yourself to Our Chocolate Treats

chocolate treats from Hawaii

Did you receive a box of candy filled with disappointing chocolates this Valentine’s Day? Even though your sweetheart meant well, it’s hard to avoid feeling let down when you think you’re going to bite into something delicious, but instead what you discover is dry, flavorless chocolate stuffed with a mystery filling of dubious quality. If you’re still craving […]

Make Sure You Get Our Tasty Treats Delivered in Time for Holiday Gifting!

artisan foods from Hawaii

If you’re planning to send Hawaii’s Local Buzz artisan foods from Hawaii to your loved ones this holiday season, make sure you order soon. We want to make sure everyone receives their orders in time for the holidays. Holiday Shipping Deadlines To ensure your order is delivered by the US Postal Service Priority Mail by […]

Enjoy the Gift of Free Shipping to APO Addresses and a Personalized Note Card With Your Order

artisan foods Hawaii

This holiday season, Hawaii’s Local Buzz is mindful that our men and women in uniform who are serving overseas are often not able to spend the holidays with their friends and family. We wanted to provide those of you with loved ones serving overseas an affordable way to give them the gift of aloha. For that […]

Give the Gift of Tasty Treats and Save on Holiday Shipping All November and December

During the holiday season, it’s nice to have some delicious treats around when guests stop in to visit. Tasty snacks and artisan foods also make great gifts. In honor of the holidays, Hawaii’s Local Buzz is offering free US shipping on our artisan foods from Hawaii through the months of November and December. (See details, […]

Even if You’re on a Diet, It’s Good to Treat Yourself Occasionally

Sticking to a diet is tough — it’s nearly impossible to stick to lettuce and chicken breast while your friends are enjoying delicious treats. In order to succeed on a diet, you need to allow yourself a special treat once in a while. This will keep your cravings under control so you don’t completely fall […]

Store Your Chocolate Properly to Prevent Blooming

chocolate treats from Hawaii

Have you ever pulled a nice chocolate bar or some chocolate covered macadamia nuts out of your cupboard and discovered that they were covered in white spots? These white spots are known as bloom, and while they make the chocolate look old and unappealing, they only have a small impact on its color and flavor. […]

Fermentation: How Chocolate Gets Its Flavor

chocolate from Hawaii

Like many gourmet foods, high-quality chocolate takes time to produce. Between the time when the beans are harvested from the tree, and the time when they are processed into chocolate, they undergo a vital fermentation process. It is this fermentation stage that gives artisan chocolate, such as our chocolate treats from Hawaii, its deep and […]

Lava is Threatening the Puna District

Lava is threatening the Puna district

If you have been following the news, you may have heard about the lava flow from Kilauea that is threatening the Puna district and Pahoa town on the Big Island of Hawaii. Those who have visited the Big Island in the past few years may know that, until recently, the active lava flow that is […]

Myths and Facts About Chocolate to Encourage Your Cravings

common chocolate myths

Who doesn’t love the delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, balanced sweetness of chocolate? This treat is even more enjoyable when you know the truth about it.  Here’s a look at some common chocolate myths and the facts behind them — this will really fuel your craving for the sweet stuff. Myth #1: Eating chocolate gives you pimples. This myth […]

Sit Back With a Glass of Wine and the Right Chocolate to Go With It

At the end of a long week, nothing is more relaxing than a delicious glass of wine and a chocolate that pairs with it perfectly. Add a little extra appeal to the wine and chocolate combination by enjoying some chocolate covered macadamia nuts from Hawaii’s Local Buzz with your vino. Here’s a look at a […]