Store Your Chocolate Properly to Prevent Blooming

Have you ever pulled a nice chocolate bar or some chocolate covered macadamia nuts out of your cupboard and discovered that they were covered in white spots? These white spots are known as bloom, and while they make the chocolate look old and unappealing, they only have a small impact on its color and flavor. Still, it’s important to avoid bloom if you want to keep your chocolate looking and tasting as great as possible. Knowing a little about bloom, and how to prevent it with proper storage, will help you achieve that goal.

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What is Bloom?

There are actually two types of bloom. Sugar bloom occurs when the sugar in the chocolate begins to feel grainy after the chocolate becomes moist and then dries out again. This change causes the sugar to crystallize and form a fine white powder on the chocolate’s surface. The second kind of bloom, fat bloom, has an oily feel. It accumulates on the chocolate’s surface when it’s allowed to become too warm.

Storing Chocolate to Prevent Bloom

In order to prevent your chocolate from blooming, it’s essential to store it in a cool, dry place. Avoid the refrigerator, however, since the change in temperature as the chocolate returns to room temperature can cause the sugar to condense and form bloom. Also, avoid storing chocolate in areas that experience a lot of moisture fluctuation. A lot of people store their chocolate in the kitchen, but since a lot of steam and heat changes occur when you cook, storing it in a different room may be a better idea.

If your chocolate does bloom, it’s not the end of the world. It’s still tasty! For the best chocolate covered macadamia nuts and other chocolate treats from Hawaii,┬ácheck out our chocolate page!

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