Were Candy Hearts Disappointing This Year? Treat Yourself to Our Chocolate Treats

Did you receive a box of candy filled with disappointing chocolates this Valentine’s Day? Even though your sweetheart meant well, it’s hard to avoid feeling let down when you think you’re going to bite into something delicious, but instead what you discover is dry, flavorless chocolate stuffed with a mystery filling of dubious quality. If you’re still craving delicious chocolate, trade your low-quality candy in for some truly indulgent chocolate treats from Hawaii. Made with premium Guittard chocolate and ingredients from our own farms on the Big Island, chocolate from Hawaii’s Local Buzz is sure to please your taste buds- no mystery filling guaranteed!

chocolate treats from Hawaii

Source: Hawaii’s Local Buzz

One of our favorite chocolate treats from Hawaii is our Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bark. Made with our own crunchy, dehydrated macadamia nuts, this indulgence comes in delicious flavors including milk chocolate caramel, dark chocolate vanilla, and white chocolate cinnamon bun. You’ll enjoy every bite, and your sweetheart won’t ever know that you replaced your mystery chocolate. You’ll polish off the bag before anyone has a chance to find out!

Another favorite is our Chocolate-Covered Macadamia Nuts. Choose from dark, milk or white chocolate. Every flavor is smooth and creamy, with just enough crunch to satisfy your every craving. You’ll wonder why you ever bothered with those heart-shaped boxes of candy in the first place. These treats have the luxurious flavor and texture you deserve!

For the coffee lovers, there’s no better chocolate treat than our Chocolate-Covered Coffee Bean Crunch. Made with the finest Ka’u coffee beans we grow on our own Hawaiian farm, this sweet treat offers a brilliant combination of flavors. We use real, whole ingredients like vanilla infused sea salt with real bits of vanilla bean to give our Coffee Bean Crunch a balanced quality that will have you reaching for another bite.

This February, treat yourself and your loved ones to a sweet treat that’s truly enjoyable. Visit Hawaii’s Local Buzz to explore our selection of chocolate treats, and discover a new favorite chocolate indulgence.

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