Lava is Threatening the Puna District

If you have been following the news, you may have heard about the lava flow from Kilauea that is threatening the Puna district and Pahoa town on the Big Island of Hawaii. Those who have visited the Big Island in the past few years may know that, until recently, the active lava flow that is one of our island’s most unusual tourist attractions was flowing south to the sea. In the past few months, however, that flow turned north and is currently threatening a populated area in the Puna district, including the lovely and historic town of Pahoa.

Lava is threatening the Puna district


The USGS Hawaiian Volcano Laboratory released an update on the lava flow on Sunday, September 21st with the good news that the lava flow had slowed and that no evacuations were needed at this time.  The lava is not accessible from public areas, and only residents are being allowed into the Kaohe Homesteads area.

Volcanic activity is just another element of life here on the Big Island. We wanted our friends, family and customers to know that our farm (Paradise Meadows Orchard & Bee Farm) is located far from the area that is currently at risk.

To all of our friends and neighbors in the Puna district, we hope that you and your property are able to stay safe during the flow. And we remind visitors to our beautiful island to take heed of the Civil Defense recommendations to stay safely away from the threatened area and to avoid driving through areas with heavy smoke. We wish you all the best. Aloha!

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