Indulge in Your Health by Eating Heart-Healthy Mac Nuts

Have you given your New Year’s resolutions a thought yet? Resolutions to live a healthier life are common, and with good reason, but sticking to vague resolutions to “eat better” and “exercise more” can be difficult after a few weeks. ¬†Cutting foods from your diet can also be a difficult resolution to stick to for any length of time, but adding small positive habits is one easy way to take the first steps to healthier living. ¬†Adding healthy nuts to your daily diet is one way to live better in 2015.healthy snacking alternatives

According to recent studies, about 60 percent of Americans don’t eat nuts on a daily basis, even though nutrition experts have known for years that nuts are an important part of a diet that lowers the risk of heart disease. Nuts, including crunchy and delicious mac nuts, are high in healthy unsaturated fats and proteins. Eating them in place of other protein foods can help prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease and even diabetes.

Nuts in the Nude from Hawaii’s Local Buzz are a great choice for heart health. Unlike many other mac nuts, which are roasted, our Nuts in the Nude are simply dehydrated, making them especially fresh-tasting and packed full of beneficial nutrients. They contain no added ingredients, preservatives or seasonings — just pure, Hawaiian macadamia nuts grown using natural practices on our own farms. Keep a bag of Nuts in the Nude in your cupboard, and reach for a handful once a day to keep your heart in great shape. You can even purchase 3-ounce bags that are convenient to keep in your desk at work for a quick afternoon snack.healthy snacking alternatives

Hawaii’s Local Buzz also offers various flavored mac nuts for days when you’re craving a treat, but want to be good to your heart as well. From savory varieties like our Smoky Garlic and Sweet ‘n’ Smoky flavors to sweet choices like Vanilla Crunch and Caramel Crunch, every bag holds a healthy and tasty treat that lets you indulge without guilt.

Visit Hawaii’s Local Buzz to explore our selection of crunchy and delicious mac nuts today.

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