Why Salt and Chocolate is Such an Addictive Combination

Have you ever wondered why our chocolate covered macadamia nuts are so darn addictive? Don’t feel guilty; just tell everyone that it’s elementary science! While we may lack an official term for the scrumptious flavor created by the combination of sweet and salty on the palate, there is actually a physiological explanation for why it’s so satisfying.

Tasting All Five Flavors – It’s a Holistic Experience

We used to think the tongue was divided into sections, and each one had specific taste receptors for each of the five flavors: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and savory. Turns out, that whole theory is bunk. In fact, the human tongue is able to perceive all five flavors at the same time.chocolate covered macadamia nuts

Some of the flavors, like sweet and salt, tell the body there might be nutrient- or fat-rich foods on the horizon. Other flavors, like sour and bitter, warn the body that this plant or food source may be toxic. So, the combination of a sweet and salty food has a layering effect that signals “go, go, go!” to the brain. Barbara Stuckey, author of TASTE says:

“We like sweet because it signals calories, or energy, to us…we like salt because we need it for normal bodily function….so Mother Nature’s solution is a built-in craving…The combination of these two positive biological responses is VERY pleasurable.”

At Hawaii’s Local Buzz, our chocolate covered macadamia nuts are about the best combination of sweet and salty you can find. Our nuts are all locally grown and go through an impeccable sorting and dehydrating process. They’re coated with one of our unique, all-natural flavor mixes that includes vanilla-infused sea salt (which we use for our chocolate covered coffee bean crunch as well), and then covered with rich Guittard chocolate. The result is an ultra-premium food your brain and your tongue won’t want you to stop eating.

Visit Hawaii’s Local Buzz to order chocolate covered macadamia nuts and embrace your insatiable cravings.

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