More Americans Are Indulging in Coffee, Studies Show

The percentage of Americans who drink coffee is on the rise, up to 83% with daily drinkers accounting for 63% of the population. These statistics are reported by a National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) market research study.

All of this increased coffee consumption has created an interest in gourmet coffee and roasting techniques as well as an increased demand for single-cup brewers, such as the Keurig.gourmet specialty coffeeThe popularity of these single-cup machines may be good news for those of us who love a cup of gourmet coffee, but don’t want to brew a whole pot. However, all of that single cup brewing can yield an alarming amount of non-recyclable waste that ends up in our landfills. Fortunately, an eco-conscious solution to the disposable k-cup lies in the form of reusable versions.

This video from CNBC highlights the problem with single-use k-cups. Investing in a reusable cup that fits your single-serve machine will allow you to enjoy a single serving of coffee without worrying about your environmental impact. It will also allow you to enjoy your favorite premium, small-batch roasted coffee rather than having to settle for one of the mass-produced coffees available in the disposable k-cups.

We thought we would turn you on to some of our favorite reusable k-cup alternatives to help you enjoy your coffee in an environmentally responsible way.  Our favorite, the Ekobrew Stainless Steel Cup, fits right into the Keurig filter holster with no modifications required. Café Cup and Brew and Save are also quality options.

Contact us at Hawaii’s Local Buzz to learn more about our small-batch-roasted 100% Hawaiian Ka’u coffee for your own reusable k-cup. Imagine Source: Hawaii’s Local Buzz

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