Step Out of Your Head and Into Action

Scott, the “Big Kahuna” at Paradise Meadows, home of Hawaii’s Local Buzz, is the visionary that has enabled all of us here to live lives that others only dream about. In talking about how he got to where he is today, he had some interesting things to say about taking to seize the day

“What I’ve done most of my life is to ask the Universe for what I want and then follow the clues. You see an opportunity, and you explore that. Seeing the opportunity is only the beginning. Many people see an opportunity but they never take the step of actually exploring that opportunity.”

Setting goals is a fine thing to do, but you have to avoid the trap of living in your head, fantasizing about things you might want, and never taking any action to get you there. What you need is not a plan but an inspiration – and then you need to get off your butt and take an action.

As an example, back in 2003 we might have said to ourselves, ‘It’s a really good time to buy land on the Big Island’, and then gone on with our lives, doing nothing about that insight. Or we might have spent some time exploring it in our minds, finding all the reasons why we shouldn’t pursue it, instead of just taking that next step.

The difference is taking that action step and saying, ‘Well, let’s go look. The worst that can happen is we don’t find anything that works or that we can afford – we’ll still have fun exploring.’ Because we took that action step, we met a great realtor. We had the opportunity to tell her what we thought we were looking for. And she had just the right thing. All of those bits and pieces fell into place because we took that action, and kept looking and taking the next action.

It’s about taking steps and looking for the possibilities. There’s no decision that’s a bad decision. You look for the clues – and sometimes the clue is “not this”. When that happens, you look for the next clue, the next possibility, and you keep moving forward.

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