Send Your College Student to School With Delicious Mac Nuts

Sending kids off to college is a blessing and a curse. While we celebrate their independence, it’s a wide world out there and we are painfully aware of our lack of control. All you can do is arm them with love and support along with a few supplies to keep them healthy along the way.

Delicious Mac Nuts Are a Great Snack for Your College Student

Speaking of supplies, why not squirrel away a few care packages before they zip up their suitcases and head back? Macadamia nuts are healthy and beat the bulk of the cheap and unfulfilling mystery foods in the campus dining halls and vending machines.healthy college care package treats

Here are some of the health benefits your macadamia nut care packages will provide:

  • Proteins. Did you know macadamia nuts contain every single one of the essential amino acids as well as some of the non-essential ones? In addition to helping out with muscular repair and growth, they will also help to keep your student’s immune system healthy, which is imperative when living in communal habitats and with the pressures brought on by work and school.
  • Lose weight. Have a weight-conscious student? Let them know about the benefits of monounsaturated fats (MUFAS). Macadamia nuts are loaded with them and studies have shown these fats are metabolized more efficiently than other types of fats. In fact, those who eat nut fats are consistently thinner than those who don’t. Trading a bag of vending machine Doritos for our tasty mac nut options is a smart (and more delicious) move.
  • They taste amazing. We offer crunchy and delicious mac nuts for every palate. From Nude Nuts to smoky, salty, sweet, or tangy, your student will delight in the possibilities. Don’t forget to check out our Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bark. They’ll be the envy of their whole dorm!alternative college care package ideas

Visit Hawaii’s Local Buzz to order your mac nuts and other tasty college care package treats.

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