Grill the Perfect Summer Kebabs With Honey

Have you had your dose of honey today? Honey is delicious, versatile and good for you. So long as it’s properly stored, it stays good for years, making it easy to stock up on a variety of different honey types (made with the nectar of different flowers).  If you’re a honey-hoarder like us, it’s always good to be on the lookout for new recipes to use it.

great summer grilling recipes

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Speaking of recipes, we have the perfect summer kebab recipe using raw honey from Hawaii. Rosemary-Peach kabobs only take about 15 minutes to prepare and another 10 to 15 minutes to grill. The raw kabobs are easy to fix up ahead of time and then throw on the grill when friends come over for a summer evening on the patio.

All you need is a pound of chicken breast cut into chunks, fresh peach slices (you can substitute pineapple, if you want the full Hawaiian experience) and your veggies of choice. We recommend onions, green, red or orange bell pepper and/or mushrooms all sliced or arranged in kebob-sized pieces. Skewer these puppies up and then set them aside.

The recipe instructions for the delicious rosemary, orange and honey glaze are very simple to follow. Once the kebobs come off the grill, you won’t be able to stop yourself from popping the perfectly glazed, savory-sweet morsels in your mouth. It’s the healthiest dinner candy in town. Hard to believe something that tastes so good can be good for you, isn’t it?

Here at Hawaii’s Local Buzz, we grow our own rosemary in the herb garden. It’s a hardy plant so it’s easy to grow one of your own and have fresh rosemary whenever you want it right outside your kitchen door.

Contact us or give us a call to learn more about our raw honey from Hawaii. Now it’s time to create some delicious recipes of your own!

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