Enjoy a Flavorful Celebration at Your Next Tailgating

At your next game day party, break away from the traditional tailgating snacks and incorporate some artisan foods from Hawaii. Macadamia nuts are deliciously rich, with a soothing flavor and crunch that will excite your taste buds and impress your guests. Here are a few ideas for making our Hawaiian treats a part of your tailgating experience.

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Make a Spiced Snack Mix

If you have a favorite snack mix that your gang likes munching on at tailgating parties, substitute macadamia nuts for some or all of the other nuts in the recipe. Our Nuts in the Nude have a neutral flavor that would work well in most any recipe. For a hint of salt, use our Natural Sea Salt macadamia nuts.  Our Sweet and Smoky nuts have a scent and flavor reminiscent of a barbecue- perfect for game day! If you need a go-to snack mix recipe, try this one from Women’s Health Magazine — just remember to use macadamia nuts in place of the almonds and pecans.

Make a Sweet Trail Mix

It’s nice to have some sweet treats at your tailgating party, too. This Graham Nut Cluster recipe, which calls for brown sugar and chocolate candies, would be great with some of our sweeter flavors of macadamia nuts. Try replacing the peanuts and pecans with our Caramel Crunch or Vanilla Crunch flavors- though you might want to go easy on the brown sugar unless you have a huge sweet tooth.

Pair Nuts With Beer

Of course, mac nuts on their own make for an incredible (and easy!) game day snack.  Try our craft beer and macadamia nut pairings for an even better tailgating experience!

For the tastiest artisan foods from Hawaii, you can count on Hawaii’s Local Buzz. Be sure to visit our store to stock up on some delicious mac nuts for your tailgate party.

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