Enjoy These Craft Brew and Mac Nut Pairings

Beer and nuts are a classic combination. The sweet, tangy taste of beer, paired with the salty flavor from nuts is irresistible. Our 100% Hawaiian macadamia nuts come in a wide range of flavors, from salty to sweet and everything in between. Here at Hawaii’s Local Buzz, we celebrate the finer things in life and we love the combination of craft brews and flavorful mac nuts.

Here’s a list of our favorite craft brew and mac nut pairings:

  • beer-and-macadamia-nutsImperial IPA and Caramel Crunch: IPA’s have a distinct sweetness paired with that ale-esque bite, which is a perfect springboard for the sweet, salty combination from our Caramel Crunch nuts.
  • Blonde or Cream Ale and Nude Natural Nuts: If you prefer your beer on the crisp clean side, like blonde or cream ale, you need something equally straightforward for your palate. To that end, we recommend keeping a stash of Natural Sea Salt or Nude mac nuts on hand.
  • Porter and Sweet ‘n Smoky Mac Nuts: A porter is a dark beer, made from brown malt, with rich flavor. We like to sip ours while munching on Sweet and Smoky mac nuts. That sweet, smoky flavor is a delicious complement to the rich flavor a porter provides.
  • Imperial Stout and Garlic Parmesan: Imperial stouts are a very dark beer with an even heavier flavor. Our Garlic Parmesan nuts cut right through the heaviness, and the combination of dark beer and flavorful nuts creates a taste bud explosion.
  • Oatmeal Stout and Smoky Garlic: Don’t you love a good oatmeal stout? So do we! All that creamy, toasty goodness tastes absolutely delicious with a handful of Smoky Garlic mac nuts.

Host a tasting party to discover your favorite flavor combinations and tell us what they are in the comment box below. We’d love to hear them.

Contact Hawaii’s Local Buzz to order your macadamia nuts, and support a local craft brewery to find an accompanying beer.

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