Get Your Caffeine Fix in Style With a Home Coffee Bar

Today’s coffee drinkers are specific about the types of beans they use (we recommend Hawaiian Ka’u coffee), how the beans are ground and they know their favorite roasts. For many, coffee drinking is becoming something of an art, and some are taking it a step further by turning it into a part of a luxurious lifestyle at home.

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Home coffee bars are a rising trend among aficionados and regular caffeine addicts alike.  From dedicated built-ins with the finest in coffee-making machinery to a designated coffee corner on the counter, well-organized coffee bars are a beautiful home addition to wake up to each morning.

Build it in. Forget about all the countertop accouterments that contribute to clutter. Instead, build your coffee station into your cabinetry. For comfort’s sake, we recommend building it just above the countertop height. Visually, it’s a stylish way to break up a tall cabinet section.  You can also create custom built-in coffee bars if you don’t want to sacrifice existing kitchen space.  This gives you some versatility in location, too; you can place it in your breakfast room, home office, or even your walk-in master closet, depending on where you most need your caffeine fix.

Think of all the extras. You can take your planning a step further by customizing your cabinets above or below your coffee maker. Slide-out drawers can house your favorite sweetener, coffee flavorings, spoons, etc. Another great idea is to design a full pull-out section that gives you countertop space during your preparations and then neatly slides back when you’re done.

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Not a fan of the built-in? If a built-in coffee station is a little more than you’re up for, that’s fine. There are plenty of ways to augment your existing coffee zone. You can give up a little bit of cabinet space and tuck all your coffee goodies away, from the machine to the cups, saucers and spoons. Or, consider creating a designated coffee island or bar that makes it easy for the whole family to enjoy their coffee throughout the day.  Small antique carts are a charming way to pull off this addition, and they’re easy to move around or fit into any room of the house.

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Get in touch with Hawaii’s Local Buzz to order your delicious Hawaiian Ka’u coffee and drink your coffee in style.

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