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Coffee+French Toast = Delicious

French toast is supremely satisfying in the morning, as is coffee. What if you could combine the two? The result would be a completely delicious breakfast treat known as Coffee Caramelized Croissant French Toast Sticks. Sound appetizing? We thought so! Read on to learn how to make this remarkable dish using our Hawaiian Ka’u coffee […]

The Coolest Way to Get Energy This Summer: Coffee Popsicles!

Does the heat of summer have you feeling drained of energy? We know the perfect way to cool off: with homemade coffee popsicles! This popsicle recipe lets you enjoy Hawaiian Ka’u coffee from Hawaii’s Local Buzz without the heat. Make sure you plan ahead — these take about 4 hours to freeze. You’ll need: 2 […]

Drink Your Coffee Like a World Traveler

coffee from around the world

What’s your coffee style? If you’re American, you probably drink about 3.5 cups per day and, if you’re feeling fancy, you might opt for a Cafe Breve. If you’re particular tired, you might order a double shot of espresso. On the other side of the world, Italians are requesting Antoccinos while in Hong Kong baristas […]