3 Interesting Ways to Brew Your Coffee

Instead of plugging in your standard drip coffee maker, why not try one of these more interesting ways of brewing coffee? Each brewing method results in a different finished product, accentuating different nuances in the coffee. Here’s a look at three methods to try with our Hawaiian Ka’u coffee.

delicious Hawaiian Ka'u coffee

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This is a super-quick coffee brewing method that’s great for a busy morning. The coffee grounds and water are only in contact with one another for about 30 seconds, so the resulting brew is very mildly acidic. The Aeropress consists of a small plastic carafe into which you insert the beans. You then pour in the water, and press the upper segment of the press down, and the coffee is extruded. The brew is strong and similar to espresso. You can dilute it with water for a weaker drink.


Similar to an auto-drip brewing system, the Chemex consists of a heat-resistant glass carafe with a filter in its upper segment. You pour coffee grounds into the top of the Chemex, and then slowly pour boiling water over the coffee. The brew collects into the glass beaker. Because the coffee grounds are in contact with the water for quite a while, the resulting cup of coffee is rich and full-bodied.


Show this snazzy brewing system off to your friends. To use it, you pour water into the hopper, and add coffee once the water is warm. Once the water boils for about a minute, you remove the heat source. The coffee is drawn downward by the difference in temperature, and the coffee grounds are left behind on the filter.

Enjoy delicious Hawaiian Ka’u coffee prepared with one of these brewing methods. Visit Hawaii’s Local Buzz to learn more about our coffee beans, grown in the rich volcanic Hawaiian soil.

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