For the Best Coffee, Make Sure You Store It Properly

There’s nothing as soothing as a great cup of coffee in the morning. One of the secrets to the freshest, most flavorful brew is not only choosing the best beans, but storing them carefully. Even the highest quality coffee, including our Hawaiian Ka’u coffee, will not taste its best if you don’t make the effort to store it properly.

Hawaiian Ka'u coffee

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To ensure your beans stay fresh and delicious, follow these tips:

  • Buy whole beans and invest in a grinder. We suggest that you grind your freshly roasted coffee beans right before you brew each batch. This will ensure that you get a delightfully tasty cup of coffee each time.
  • Keep your coffee in the bag. Our coffee comes in a bag with a high oxygen barrier and a one way valve which allows the gas from the freshly roasted beans to escape without letting air into the bag. After each use, close the bag and squeeze any excess air out.
  • Never keep your coffee in a fridge. It’s actually best kept in a cool, dry place like a cabinet or cupboard. Store the coffee in a location far away from your stove or oven, since these appliances release heat that may leech flavor from your beans. Our coffee should stay fresh and delicious when stored this way at least until the “Best Before” date you can find on the back of the bag, and usually well beyond that date, so there should never be a reason to freeze it.

The better the coffee beans you start with, the tastier your cup of coffee will be. Visit Hawaii’s Local Buzz to discover delicious 100% Hawaiian Ka’u coffee.

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