You Can Make Amazing French Press Coffee With These Tips

Waking up in the morning is not so tough when you get to start the day with the perfect cup of our Hawaiian Ka’u coffee. If you are interested in brewing your coffee using a method a bit different from the norm, you may want to try using a French Press. Here are some tips to help you brew a delightful cup of Joe.

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If you’re new to using a French press, or if your French press skills are a little rusty, here are a few tips to help you create the perfect cup every time.

  • Always start with a clean French press. Remnants of old coffee will add unwanted flavors to your coffee.
  • Use one heaping tablespoon of ground coffee per cup of coffee. If you have a standard 4-cup French press, this means you’ll need 4 heaping tablespoons of ground coffee.
  • Grind your coffee beans fresh each morning if possible. This ensures that each cup of coffee has the freshest, boldest taste. Be sure to use a “coarse” grind so that the grounds can be separated from the coffee when you depress the plunger.
  • Heat your water to boiling, and then let it sit for 1 minute before pouring it over the coffee.
  • After pouring your water over the coffee, let it brew for 1 minute before stirring it. Then, let it sit for 3 more minutes before pressing that plunger down.
  • After taking the plunge, make sure you pour all of the coffee out of the press. If you let it sit in there until you’re ready to drink it, the coffee will become bitter.

If you follow the tips above and use the finest beans, you can enjoy delicious coffee every time. Visit Hawaii’s Local Buzz to discover Hawaiian Ka’u coffee that makes the perfect cup of French press coffee.

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