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Delight Your Tastebuds by Adding Coffee to Common Foods

recipes using coffee

If you’re a true coffee lover, one cup in the morning is just not enough! Adding coffee to some of your favorite foods is a great way to enjoy its delicious flavor throughout the day and to ensure that you don’t waste a single drop. There is a secret to using leftover coffee — never leave […]

Get Your Caffeine Fix in Style With a Home Coffee Bar

special coffee bars

Today’s coffee drinkers are specific about the types of beans they use (we recommend Hawaiian Ka’u coffee), how the beans are ground and they know their favorite roasts. For many, coffee drinking is becoming something of an art, and some are taking it a step further by turning it into a part of a luxurious […]

Drink Your Coffee Like a World Traveler

coffee from around the world

What’s your coffee style? If you’re American, you probably drink about 3.5 cups per day and, if you’re feeling fancy, you might opt for a Cafe Breve. If you’re particular tired, you might order a double shot of espresso. On the other side of the world, Italians are requesting Antoccinos while in Hong Kong baristas […]

More Americans Are Indulging in Coffee, Studies Show

gourmet, Ka'u coffee

The percentage of Americans who drink coffee is on the rise, up to 83% with daily drinkers accounting for 63% of the population. These statistics are reported by a National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) market research study. All of this increased coffee consumption has created an interest in gourmet coffee and roasting techniques as well as an […]