Honey Can Benefit Your Workout Regimen

Honey has been said to be nature’s perfect food, and if you’re an athlete it should certainly be a part of your diet. Not only is honey a natural sweetener, but it can also help benefit your workout regimen. Here’s how:

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Honey as a Pre-Workout Energy Booster

Honey is remarkably high in carbohydrates, making it an excellent source of energy fpre-workout. Eating a little honey just before you hit the gym or head out for a run may give you more power to finish the workout strong, since honey is digested and absorbed slowly.

Honey are a Post-Workout Recovery Food

When you work out, you deplete your body’s carbohydrate stores. The sooner you replenish them, the faster you will recover. Honey’s carbohydrate content makes it a great recovery food for athletes and anyone getting back into the workout saddle. Pair it with a food that is high in protein for a great post-workout meal that will have you feeling energetic again in no time.

Tips for Using Honey

  • Add a few drops of water to your pre-workout water bottle. It will make your water more enjoyable, and give you energy to power through your workout.
  • Recover from a tough workout with a peanut butter and honey sandwich. It’s portable, so you can enjoy it as soon as you finish at the gym.
  • Dip your fruit in raw honey from Hawaii to give it a touch more sweetness and an energetic punch.

If you want to truly experience the greatest health benefits from honey, the secret is buying all-natural, raw, unfiltered honey. Contact Hawaii’s Local Buzz to learn more about our raw honey from Hawaii, or visit our website to place your order today.

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