What Goes Around Comes Around: Reusing Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

Ever thought, “Boy, dumping these coffee grounds in the trash bin (or garbage disposal) sure seems like a waste”? Well, you’re right; it is a waste. Coffee grounds can be recycled right into your yard or container gardens to help improve your soil content, which also improves plant health. Keep your gourmet Hawaiian Ka’u coffee drinking habits as sustainable as possible by learning how to reuse coffee grounds in your garden.reusing coffee grounds

Coffee grounds work as both a fertilizer for your plants and a non-toxic insect repellant. They are rich in nitrogen, which feeds your plants as well as many of the organisms that live underground, working to make your soil a healthier environment for plant roots. To start your own coffee compost pile, buy a small attractive container with a lid or recycle one from your kitchen, if you can. Each morning, dump your coffee grounds and even your paper coffee filters into the container until you’re ready to add them to your outdoor pile or composter.  This is especially effective if you have a reusable K-cup system.

There are lots of sources for great information about how to get started with composting, what to do with your compost pile, what you can and cannot compost, etc. For more information you might want to check out this website.

You can add twigs, leaves, grass cuttings, and other organic vegetable waste to your compost pile. To help with the breaking down of organic matter, you should consider adding IMO’s (indigenous microorganisms) that work naturally to speed the composting process. Once the ingredients have completely broken down, you have an excellent fertilizer to mix into plant and vegetable beds as well as your smaller pots and container gardens.

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