Lilikoi Mousse (Passion Fruit)

I noticed the other day that our Lilikoi blossoms were covered with our honeybees. I think they love the blossoms almost as I love do! I find them beautiful and fancy, and I love their tropical look. I used to be able to grow the vine in the hottest part of the summer in the Northeast, but I never got any fruit to set.

Here in Hawaii, our vines are covered with the fruit. To get the sweetest flavor, let the fruit ripen until the outside is a bit wrinkly. Cut the fruit in half, and inside you will see the pulp, filled with small seeds. Scoop it all out into a bowl. I like to warm it up just a bit, then put it into a food processor and whir it for just 15 seconds or so. The seeds are so strong that they won’t break up, but much more juice will be available.

Strain the pulp through a strainer, leaving just the liquid. The scent is just as amazing as the flavor, heavenly. Everyone was drawn to the kitchen to see what I was making.

I decided to make it into a quick, no cooking necessary mousse, so I blended the juice with a can of sweetened condensed milk and a tablespoon of vanilla paste, then folded that into two cups of heavy whip cream beaten until quite stiff. Chill it for a few hours before serving, and it was lovely! Very light, but very flavorful.

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