Macadamia Nuts and Dogs

Be careful before you share your macadamia nuts with your dogs! In some dogs, it can cause serious side effects, like back leg paralysis.

“Ingestion of macadamia nuts by dogs has been associated with a non-fatal syndrome, characterised by vomiting, ataxia or weakness, fever, muscle tremors and depression. Dogs are the only species in which signs have been reported. … The mechanism of toxicity is not known, meaning we are not 100% sure why dogs are affected. Dogs need to ingest more than 2g of nuts per kilogram body weight before signs are shown.”  VetWest Animal Hospital

Our Icelandic Sheepdogs Stina and Gaela don’t seem to be affected,  which is great because they make awesome little treats and I thought quite healthy for them. But some of the dogs of our employees (twice with small chihuahua mixes) have shown the back leg paralysis, so be careful out there!

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