Making Honey Butter

Honey butter piped onto parchment paper

Have you made honey  butter before? It’s so easy to do, and such a delight to have available. It keeps well in both the refrigerator and in the freezer, so when I make some, I make quite a bit just to have it handy.

Start with your favorite unsalted butter at room temperature, or if you have cold butter and want to start now, grate it on a box grater.

I like to mix mine in my stand mixer, to whip some air into the butter so I can do pretty decorative things with it using my cake decorating tips, but you can totally just stir the honey into it and use it that way.

The ratio of honey to butter that I like to use is one pound of butter to 1/4 cup of honey. Salt, optional, to taste. Start with just a pinch.

Honey butter on biscuits

After it’s well blended, you can roll into logs using plastic wrap, and store in the refrigerator or freezer, inside a zip-top bag.

Oatmeal with honey butter

You can also put it into a decorating bag and pipe it onto parchment paper lined cookie sheets. Let them freeze solid in the freezer for about an hour, then take the little medallions or buttons and store in mason jars or zip-top bags in the freezer.  It’s so easy to use them that way — they will melt quickly on top of warm food, and yet stay pretty for plating and presentation.

Honey butter for pancakes

Some recipes suggest adding cinnamon or vanilla for flavoring, but if you use really good and tasty honey, I really don’t think that is needed. My very favorite of our own honeys to use is our Creamed Lehua Honey that I’ve been talking about so much lately because it’s in bloom and our bees are working it hard!  So where to use this honey butter, you ask? So many great places, like on cornbread, biscuits, pancakes, in oatmeal or other hot cereal. On peanut butter toast! Scones. Waffles. French toast. The choices are endless!

Honey butter on French Toast medallions

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  1. Rhonda & Ron

    Love your coffee and ?! I’ve been a honey lover for some time now, as has my sister. When we travel we always search for local honey – the journey takes you to some special places and people. While some may shop for clothes, I take to the back roads in search if those incredible earthy places. Definitely have to visit you on my next trip to Pahoa to visit my son.


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