The Coolest Way to Get Energy This Summer: Coffee Popsicles!

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For a unique take on our coffee, try making posicles! Source: Bake with Christina

Does the heat of summer have you feeling drained of energy? We know the perfect way to cool off: with homemade coffee popsicles! This popsicle recipe lets you enjoy Hawaiian Ka’u coffee from Hawaii’s Local Buzz without the heat. Make sure you plan ahead — these take about 4 hours to freeze.

You’ll need:

  • 2 cups of brewed, black coffee
  • 1 cup of your favorite liquid coffee creamer

A Few Tips:

Our Roasted Estate coffee works wonderfully for this recipe, thanks to its smoothness and well-rounded flavor. We recommend a medium or dark roast; buy the whole bean variety and grind it yourself for the best results.

Caramel flavored coffee creamer is a great choice for these popsicles, but you could also use hazelnut or vanilla if you happen to be in love one of these flavors. Fat-free creamer can be used to make a lower fat version of these treats.


  1. Cool the brewed coffee in the refrigerator until it is cold.
  2. Combine the coffee and the creamer in a large glass measuring cup, and stir to combine.
  3. Pour the mixture into popsicle molds. If you have standard sized molds, you should get 8 pops.
  4. Place the popsicles in the freezer. They should take about 4 hours to become completely solid.
  5. To enjoy a popsicle, briefly run the mold under warm water, and pop out your treat. Enjoy!

Our Hawaiian Ka’u coffee is delicious year-round, whether you’re battling a snowstorm or sweating in the heat of summer. All of our beans are grown in fresh mountain air, using methods that protect and sustain the ‘aina (the land). Whether you prefer to grind your own beans or purchase pre-ground coffee, you can find just what you’re looking for at the Hawaii’s Local Buzz website. And if you hurry, you can take advantage of our June special — until June 30th, you get 20% off the regular price of our Premium Black Label Extra Fancy and Peaberry coffee!

2 thoughts on “The Coolest Way to Get Energy This Summer: Coffee Popsicles!

  1. LauraRose

    Well, this seems really obvious now that you mention it, but I sure never thought of it! Thanks for the fun idea.

  2. Lili Rodriguez

    Our pleasure. It’s been unusually hot this summer here at the farm and these were a great way to beat the heat! 🙂 If you make them let us know how you like them!


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