See the Gorgeous Fiery Show of Kilauea’s Lava Overflow

There's no better time than right now to come see this spectacular natural phenomenon. Source: Pixabay

There’s no better time than right now to come see this spectacular natural phenomenon. Source: Pixabay

The lava overflow on Kilauea is a spectacular sight to see. Though the volcano has been continuously erupting for about 30 years, it has had ups and downs in terms of activity — and right now, the lava flow is more remarkable than it has been for the past century.

Near the Halema’uma’u crater, there is a lava lake that has been slowly filling up over the last few months. In the last week, the lava has begun to flow over the rim of the crater-lake, creating a glowing, fiery show that is attracting many visitors. Pieces have even been breaking off of the edge of the crater and falling into the lava pool, creating spectacular lava waves and explosions.

Can’t make it to the Big Island in time to see the action in person? There is still a place to watch all of the action. The webcams at the nearby USGS Hawaii Volcano Observatory allow you to see the lava flow and fiery show as it occurs. The lava splatter even hits the webcams from time to time, making for some pretty intense scenes. The splashing, glowing, orange lava looks surreal as it pools into the darker lake of cooler lava.

For those that don’t get a chance to experience the current lava overflow, the Kilauea Caldera is a gorgeous sight at any time of year and is definitely worth stopping by on your visit to the Big Island.

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