Looking back through some of our old farm pictures reminded us that we dragged our 1940-something red Farmall tractor up onto the rock wall at the entrance to the farm SEVEN YEARS ago! No, we can’t believe it either.

The entire event took several hours of pushing, pulling, figuring, refiguring — and several minutes of pure terror for the WWOOFer who was sitting at the wheel, sure the tractor was about to flip upside down. Much fun was had by all.

That red tractor is now a landmark, and for some in the area it’s as if it has always been there. When we explain to folks where the farm is, we say, “You know the red tractor on the rock wall on South Point Road?” and we usually hear “Sure! That’s you guys?” in response. Putting that tractor on the wall must have been one of Scott’s best “Dreams of Inspiration” as it’s now a landmark.

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