Deep Roots

In mid-May, I started some okra seeds in our greenhouse, and then when they were large enough to put into the aquaponics system, in they went. I was sort of amazed at how quickly they grew — like weeds! But things got busy, and all during June I totally meant to get them out of the greenhouse and into the soil, but it never actually happened.

I finally got out there today, and holy cow, look at those roots! Those roots are as long as the plant itself. These are going to turn into little trees in no time at all. We get plenty of rain here on the farm, so I bet we’ll be picking okra in a few weeks at this rate.

I like to pick them when they are quite small, because my absolutely favorite way to eat them is hot and spicy pickled okra, perfect for snacking but best in a Bloody Mary. Yum! Everyone here is skeptical, envisioning slimy okra that their mother boiled to death. But batter and fried okra? Yum! In gumbo? Yum! I’m a huge fan. 

And the blossoms are so pretty. I can’t wait to see them here. They almost look tropical.

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