Make It Easy for Guests to Enjoy a Quality Cup of Coffee When They Stay at Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner, and there’s a good chance you’ll have guests showing up at your doorstep to spend the night on at least one occasion. While they’re visiting, you obviously want to make them feel warm and welcome. After all, that’s what the holiday season is truly about — spending time with friends and family.

coffee from Hawaii

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A great way to make your guests feel welcome is to serve them delicious mugs of coffee. This warm and sensual beverage takes the chill out of their bones and provides the perfect backdrops for great conversations.

In addition to sipping coffee with your guests as they relax and settle in, you can also provide them with their own private coffee bar. Place it in the bedroom where they are sleeping, or even in the hall outside of their room if space allows. This way, they can wake up and make themselves some delicious, rejuvenating coffee in the morning without worrying about waking you or other family members.

It does not take a lot to create a basic coffee bar setup. First, you’ll need some high-quality coffee. We suggest offering your guests some high-quality, Hawaiian Ka’u coffee for an indulgent experience. For the holiday season, consider treating your guests to the best of the best — our Premium Black Label Extra Fancy or Peaberry coffee. The other items you’ll need are high quality drip coffee maker, spoons, a few stylish coffee cups, and sugar. You can keep the cream in a small fridge or even in an insulated ice bucket.

Arrange the items on your coffee bar artfully on top of a table cloth or doilies. Your guests will appreciate the convenience and luxury each time they take a sip. Visit Hawaii’s Local Buzz to purchase our 100% Hawaiian Ka’u coffee.

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