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What Does 100% Arabica Coffee Really Mean?

100% arabica coffee

You’ve probably seen the statement “100% Arabica coffee” on the packages of some of your favorite brews, but do you know what this statement means? It actually refers to the species of coffee the package contains. There are more than 100 species of coffee, and Coffea arabica is one of them. Of the 100 coffee […]

Get Your Caffeine Fix in Style With a Home Coffee Bar

special coffee bars

Today’s coffee drinkers are specific about the types of beans they use (we recommend Hawaiian Ka’u coffee), how the beans are ground and they know their favorite roasts. For many, coffee drinking is becoming something of an art, and some are taking it a step further by turning it into a part of a luxurious […]

Grind It Right: Matching Beans to Brewing Method

different styles of coffee

Brewed coffee, drip coffee, espresso, cappuccino – all these different coffee styles and terms, but what do they all mean? You can use the same beans for all of them, but true coffee aficionados are very particular about the types of beans and roasts used for specific coffee drinks. This quick guide can help you differentiate […]