Farmstand renovations are still in the works

We’ve been so busy, and have had so many visitors to the farm stand lately, that we haven’t been able to make much progress on our farm stand expansion and renovation efforts. However, we were VERY fortunate to have been able to finish the majority of the roof replacement efforts before we were hit with crazy monsoon-like rains. (Special thanks to our lovely visitors from Wisconsin who were nice enough to pose for our “new roof” picture.)

Over the past week, we’ve actually had more than 9″ of rainfall at the farm according to our makeshift rain gauge, and while that’s a very good thing for our plants and trees, it would have been really challenging had the roof at the farm stand still been leaking.

Although we’d love to get all of this work done as soon as possible, we are guessing that we’ll be well into January before the next big phase of construction is completed. We promise to keep you posted, and we can’t wait to share pictures of the new and improved farm stand experience.

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