What a Rusty Building and a Land Full of Weeds Taught Us About Possibility

If you come visit Paradise Meadows, home of Hawaii’s Local Buzz, you’ll see a property that is organized, well-maintained and sustainably farmed. It has a home, fenced fields, beautiful orchards, and a range of sustainable agricultural projects including organic gardens and an Aquaponic greenhouse. It has just the right blend of “civilization” and the wild, tropical elements that make Hawaii so special. But it hasn’t always been like this.

seeing the possible in the impossible


See What’s Possible – Not What Seems Impossible

When we were introduced to Paradise Meadows, the wild and tropical element was here in abundance, but it took a significant amount of vision and work to bring the farm to where it is today. Our farm symbolizes what it takes to make dreams come true. The ability to take a vision and make it happen is connected to the ability to be present to reality while envisioning future possibilities.

finding beauty in the mess


When we first took a look at the property, we were staring at 75 acres of overgrown cane grass that made the fields and orchards invisible. There was one filthy and rusty metal building most people would feel wasn’t worth keeping. The idea of transforming it into a place that was not just livable but would also provide a viable living seemed daunting to say the least. But those overwhelming feelings were surmountable by staying focused on the vision we shared of creating a place we would love to wake up in every single day.

That rusty building is now our very livable home. Those overgrown fields are now producing some of the best coffee on the planet in addition to wonderful lemons, limes, avocados and yummy veggies. And the transformation continues with new gardens, new coffee fields, and new products that make people smile.

finding beauty in the rough


The lesson is to be aware of the present, but stay focused on the wondrous possibilities inherent in your vision of the future. So, what are your dreams and what weeds do you need to clear to achieve them?

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