Garden Update July 2018

Bok choi

The greenhouse is looking amazing these days, if I do say so myself. We’re growing many different types of green leafy vegetables, and these just do so well in the aquaponics system. The roots on them are absolutely amazing, and we can keep harvesting from around the edges of the plants for weeks and weeks.


Cherokee Purple Tomato

The tomato crop is amazing! I may have started too many, if that is even possible. I have 75 heirloom slicing tomatoes (Cherokee Purple and Orange Jubilee) that have been moved from the aquaponics to the beds in the garden. The roots on them are amazing, over a foot long in most cases. I want to use these on sandwiches in the cafe, so chose nice big slicing types with great flavor.

Heirloom cherry tomatoes

I have almost a hundred heirloom cherry tomatoes started in the aquaponics and the beds to plant them in outside are almost ready for them, just in time. I want to use these on my vegetarian option for a sandwich in the cafe, paired with pesto and mozzarella cheese. That one is getting the most raves from guests when I’m taste testing, despite being vegetarian.

Carrots in a pot

I’m experimenting with growing carrots in large pots, because I just don’t have a deep enough bed in the garden (yet!) and I hate the thought of not having fresh carrots! One of the side dishes in the cafe is going to be coleslaw, and just imagine how amazing it will taste and look with all sorts of fresh colorful carrots in it! I started a variety called Calliope Blend which has red, yellow, purple and of course orange varieties in it. I’ve grown them before, and they are beautiful and delicious. Let’s see how they grow in pots! I’m using lots of composted macadamia nut husks for organic matter, and have high hopes for these. I also absolutely love to use the carrot tops in pesto and when making bone broth. Grow, carrots, grow!


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