One of our first time mama ducks hatched a single duckling yesterday, at the edge of one of our banana patches, close to where we know there are mongoose hanging out. In our haste to keep the baby safe, we tried to move mama and baby to a protective custody pen, but she was having nothing to do with the baby. So we brought the baby in to warm up overnight, tried again this morning, and nope. She is back to setting on a now empty nest, and we have a pet duckling.

In an effort to keep her well socialized, many of us are handling her all day and she is eating up the attention.  She’s already met about a dozen farmstand visitors as well, and she is especially adorable with children! The cuteness is just too much. One of the visitors said she is Adoryable! and that’s how Dory got her name.

I was going to write about how cute she is and how much fun we are having … but here, we are taking a million photos of her.

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